Geoff: “I am more alert and a lot less stressed”

Geoff: “I am more alert and a lot less stressed”

After suffering with illnesses for 30 years, Geoff felt disheartened with his pre-diabetes diagnosis but all this changed when he started the Second Nature programme. The structure and support of the programme, alongside the encouragement of his group, has enabled him to lose weight and experience a significant improvement in his wellbeing.

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A bit about you

I’m Geoff, I turn 70 this year and before I took part in the programme I was very unfit, eating crisps, chocolate and other foods that are not the best for you. I’ve suffered a lot of illness over the past 30 years, including 2 strokes, vascular dementia, arthritis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol – all of which knocked me back every time. This meant I wasn’t impressed to be told I was pre-diabetic this year, however I was offered a place on the Second Nature programme to help. I was very sceptical at first but, after a couple of weeks, it all looked so different.

“I am more alert and a lot less stressed”

Second Nature has given me a personal structure that has made me realise I can change anything if I want to. Since I started, I’ve noticed my concentration and attentiveness has vastly improved. I am more alert and a lot less stressed than I was, and my weight has started to drop. My anxiety has dramatically decreased as well. In the past I would not have put this down to diet, exercise or my wellbeing. If you asked my wife she would say I’m less irritable, less “woe is me,” and happier.

The structure of the Second Nature programme means it can fit around me. I have a job remembering things, so developing habits is the best way to deal with day to day life. The first thing I noticed was that it’s easy to follow. Everything is on the app which can generate automated meal plans using Second Nature recipes, so these can all be completed in advance. I find the exercise and weight targets are great tools for me as a visual reminder on how I’m progressing too. While I’ve done lots of diets and exercise regimes in the past, no-one has explained why I should be making these changes which, for me, has made all the difference!

“I now have three balanced meals every day and I never feel like snacking”

Since starting, I now have three balanced meals every day and I never feel like snacking. So far, I’ve lost 1 stone! I also have the flexibility to adapt my goals and reassess my weight targets as time goes on. I’m quite cynical by nature, but I must say this has been a dream for me with the help from my wife and everyone at Second Nature – once I understood what it was about I haven’t looked back.

The team at Second Nature have been very supportive, and responsive, with lots of good ideas. They give plenty of encouragement alongside everyone else in the group.

My advice to others looking to make a lifestyle change

If I can offer any advice to people looking to start this course, it would be to take time to settle into it and don’t worry about what others are doing until you get used to the new habits like exercise, sleeping, hydration and of course meal planning. Once you grasp the fundamentals the rest is easy and it becomes Second Nature.

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