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Geoff: “Don’t give up, it really is worth it”

From running marathons to living with type 2 diabetes, Geoff describes his story of how he regained his health with Second Nature.

Geoff: “Don’t give up, it really is worth it”

Geoff spent his youth running marathons, from London to New York. But after a significant injury, and time spent caring for a loved one, Geoff’s weight started to increase and he developed type 2 diabetes. Geoff is now 13kgs lighter and his blood sugar levels are nearly back into the normal range!

A bit about you

I’m Geoff, a 64-year-old retired police officer, I am now spending my time conducting advanced motorcycle training.

In the mid 90’s I did lots of running, taking part in both the London and New York marathons in 1986, so I was pretty fit, to say the least! Whilst training for the 1998 London marathon I managed to burst a disc in my back; a freak one in a million incident, according to the surgeon who treated me.

One operation later & a period of recovery, recuperation, and physiotherapy got me back to health but, unfortunately, I didn’t get back to exercising again. A new marriage and a contented life meant my fitness deteriorated & I began to put on weight. Then my wife became ill and as I cared for her, I further neglected myself; mainly snacking on the wrong things, especially sweet treats!

A trip to the GP changed everything

As luck would have it, I was called in for a health check & MOT by my local surgery. Basically everything was fine, apart from putting on quite a bit of weight and developing type-2 diabetes. My GP put me onto the Second Nature programme & this has made a huge difference to me. My blood sugar is now only a little above normal levels & I have lost just over 13kgs!

One of the big improvements I have noticed is the clarity within my head; I hadn’t realised it but I had a constant buzzing in my head – maybe sugar rush? – this has now completely gone! I have much more energy & I am more able to cope with everyday tasks – especially caring for my wife. It is also very nice to be able to buy clothes ‘off the peg’ again.

I particularly liked the articles on mindfulness, as these really helped me to re-set my thinking & behaviour to a much more positive level. I now take my time to consider what is best for me in respect of healthy eating; also generally think more positively about where I want to be, how I get there, and also, most importantly, how I stay there.

What advice can you give after your experience?

If anyone is struggling with the programme, may I requote a couple of my comments in the chat area:

First, ‘Go into this with a positive open mind, don’t prejudge based on your beliefs or the comments of others’.

Second, ‘Just been reading the habits toolbox; a timely reminder to not let yourself lapse. Change of habit isn’t an overnight phenomenon, something this important needs work’. 

To conclude, don’t give up; it can be hard but it really is worth it.

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