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Enid: “The end result is well worth it!”

After joining Second Nature, Enid has reduced her blood sugar levels, lost some weight, and is on her way to achieving type-2 diabetes remission!

Enid: “The end result is well worth it!”

After being diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, Enid knew that a change was needed. After joining Second Nature and making changes to her lifestyle, Enid has successfully reduced her blood sugar levels, lost some weight, and is on her way to achieving type-2 diabetes remission!

A bit about you

My name is Enid. I was born in England of mixed heritage – Goan. In February of this year, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I am 69 years old. I am not overweight but have fat around my midriff. As an Asian, I have a genetic predisposition to diabetes. The full horror of it struck me as I realised that diabetes has the potential to affect every organ of the body. I had to go for a diabetic eye screening and was told that diabetes can result in blindness etc. Thankfully I was told by the optometrist that my eyesight is excellent. I was told that I will have to continue these visits annually.

Immediate changes on the programme

Since being on Second Nature, I have stopped eating as many cakes, biscuits, and chocolates. I have also considerably reduced the number of carbohydrates at each meal and now have the equivalent of one slice of wholemeal bread. This is a result of being on Second Nature and at the advice of my health coach, Stacey.

I recently had a blood test and was told that my blood sugar level has dropped from 49 to 46. I am no longer diabetic, I have lost about 3-4 kilos and I am most grateful to Stacey and Second Nature. I feel a great sense of relief.

Education and support key to success

Stacey has been very helpful and pro-active and has taken great pains to steer me along the right path. Nothing is too much trouble for her. All the articles were very helpful and enlightening. I found the food diary, recipe book, exercises and articles very helpful. I can now see the benefits in terms of my health well-being and looks.

My advice to fellow members is to persevere and do not be discouraged, the end result is well worth it!

Thank you, Stacey and Second Nature!

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