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David: “My type-2 diabetes is in remission”

David has lost 17kg in 12-weeks with Second Nature, and his type-2 diabetes is officially in remission without the use of medications!

David: “My type-2 diabetes is in remission”

David had previously lost 40kg through a different programme and put his type-2 diabetes into remission. However, he found that he didn’t have the support necessary to maintain this for the long-term, and over time, he regained the weight and his type-2 diabetes returned. Now, after 12-weeks on the Second Nature programme, David has lost 17kg and his diabetes is now officially back in remission without the use of any medication!

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A bit about you

My name is David. I’m 71 and have been retired for 8 years now. I have type 2 diabetes and also suffer from some other medical conditions, including hyperaldosteronism. My GP referred me to the Second Nature programme as part of the Beat Diabetes Campaign [North East Hampshire and Farnham NHS CCG].

I lost weight previously (about 40kg) with the help of a very well-known company. It’s fair to say that their diet plan and coaching was very good. I achieved my weight loss goal and my diabetes went into remission. Unfortunately, I did not find that their approach helped me to sustain my weight loss. I needed some support to address my needs and this was not available to me. As a consequence, I put my weight back on again. This led to me regressing on all of the good outcomes I had achieved.

Sustainability the key

I joined the Second Nature programme in March 2020, weighing 117kg, and was immediately impressed by the multi-faceted and highly professional approach being used by the company. It included exercise, sensible eating, and an interesting educational programme. It provides important information about healthcare topics in order to achieve sustained weight loss and well-being. The excellent daily articles also shine a light on some important facts. One example is the added sugar found in some low-fat foodstuffs when compared to a natural full-fat product.

It’s difficult to pinpoint just one beneficial change I have experienced since starting the programme. Instead, I think that the cumulative advantages of making these lifestyle changes; eating healthily, regular exercise, losing weight – down to 100 kg after 12 weeks [total loss of 17kg so far] – plus the excellent improvements to my health and well-being have collectively contributed towards me becoming an altogether fitter, healthier and happier man.

My blood pressure readings are good – 124/79 today – despite suffering from hyperaldosteronism. My type-2 diabetes is also back in remission – my blood sugar levels were 5.5mmol/l today, without taking any diabetic medication whatsoever. My mood is good, my energy and fitness levels have improved and the quality of my sleeping pattern is also much better.

The support of the health coach critical to success

I would like to pay a warm tribute and huge thanks to my allocated health coach, Stacey, in helping me to achieve my successes to date. Her highly professional support, guidance and encouragement during the first 12 weeks of the programme has been pivotal to the progress I have made to date. I am now looking forward to the Sustain part of the programme.

My advice to others on the programme, or to those looking to make a positive life change by joining, is to embrace everything that is being offered by Second Nature. You may find that some aspects of the course are very unfamiliar, or perhaps do not sit easily with you. Perversely, this is the very reason why I think you should take part, as it challenges the comfort zones in which we find ourselves and provides the greatest opportunity for personal growth.

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