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Chris: “Second Nature was my hope.”

Chris joined Second Nature a year ago, and has since lost 11 inches off his waist, is off medication, and is continuing on his journey to long-term change! 

Chris: “Second Nature was my hope.”

Chris joined Second Nature because he was struggling with maintaining weight loss following various programmes. He was hoping the programme would help him along the process of reversing type 2 diabetes and changing his mindset. A year on, he has lost 11 inches off his waist, is now off medication and continuing on his journey to long-term change! 

Why did you join Second Nature?

Since the age of about 14 or 15, I have experienced problems of being overweight – not enormously, but enough to cause concern. I couldn’t begin to estimate the number of diets, programs and weight-loss ‘gimmicks’ I have tried. Many provided the means of some weight loss but failed in the maintenance area of keeping it off.

In 1977, at the age of 28, I joined Weight Watchers, and reduced my weight from 15st.6lb to 12st, but again, failed to maintain the loss for very long. Somehow, my mindset wasn’t programmed to maintain the loss.

I thought I may have undergone a ‘mindset re-programming’ in 1983, when, again, I lost a similar amount, and so it went on, until, in 2000, at the age of 52, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

How did you find it?

The condition worsened, albeit quite slowly, for the next 15 or 16 years, until, while on holiday over Christmas 2017, and having learned of Dr. Michael Mosley’s dietary technique to ‘kick-start’ the pancreas, I knew for sure that I had experienced a mindset change, and determined that I would discuss the technique with my diabetic practice nurse with a serious view to using it under her supervision. I told everyone I met about this plan, positive that it was going to work!

On my return, I discussed the plan with the nurse, who thought that his technique would probably be a little too radical for a guy of 70, and showed me details of the ‘Our Path’ programme (now Second Nature), which excited me even more!!

I commenced the programme on 4th February 2018, and from the very start, had the ultimate support of my wife, a health coach, and the other members of my group, who also started the programme the same day.

What was the best thing about it?

The articles, recipes, helpful advice, and electronic monitoring via Bluetooth was not only novel, but also proved outstandingly effective. On day 1, my blood sugar was so low in the evening, I actually had to eat a little more food before retiring! I have not used any short-acting insulin since then!! This fact alone was an immense inspiration from the very beginning, and the rate at which the weight reduced on the very carefully constructed programme, still continues to encourage me.

How do you feel now?

My waist measurement has dropped from 44in. to 33in. Local charity shops took possession of 26 pairs of trousers with 44″, 42″, 40″ or 38″ waist sizes which I had accumulated over the years!!

I am now off ALL diabetic medication and have proved that whatever age or background, there is always hope of beating this condition. Second Nature was my hope and has now become my testimony of proof.

Congratulations Chris on your journey so far!

We love hearing about people’s experiences of the programme, and we can’t wait to see how your journey continues.

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