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Becky: “I embarked on the best journey of my life.”

After 20 years of yo-yo dieting, Becky stumbled across Second Nature while on Instagram. In her story, she describes her life-changing journey.

Becky: “I embarked on the best journey of my life.”

Becky spent over 20 years jumping from one diet to the next, this eventually started to take its toll, physically and emotionally. Becky came across Second Nature, and her life changed. She has lost weight, and with the support of her friends, she has found a new community in Fitmums! Her family are also reaping the benefits as she shares her newfound knowledge with those closest to her.

A bit about me

I went on my first diet aged 19 and became a serial dieter from then, I’m now 42. I have followed the diet rules and had some success, but I’d always find myself back in line at the scales. It was in these moments I disliked myself and had a very low opinion of myself, I would comfort eat in an unhealthy, secretive way.

I had terrible IBS, anxiety, and a very low mood and decided to visit the doctor. I received some wonderful support and found a happier place and made a pledge that I wasn’t ever joining a slimming group ever again – happy days you would think, but the weight just started to creep on and on.

I didn’t really know what to do and I realised I’d never really learned how to eat well. On the 5th of February of this year, I was at a conference in Edinburgh, I returned to my hotel room because the dress I was wearing was so uncomfortably tight, I laid on the bed and scrolled through Instagram. The advert for Second Nature popped up and it spoke to me – I signed up and a few days later I embarked on the best journey of my life.

An uphill battle

The first week felt like an uphill struggle, it was such a huge change, but I had a wonderful online group and the most amazing coach. The daily articles challenged me to reflect, try new things, and take care of myself. I shared things with the group and we began to realise we had all had similar struggles and we were in this together.

I didn’t feel alone I felt freedom in not having to point or count and the fact there was no wagon to fall off. I didn’t feel hungry and the recipes from the book and the app were delicious!

A couple of weeks into the programme I met a friend in a coffee shop and after she fell off her chair at my refusing cake I told her about Second Nature. You should come to Fitmums she said (Fitmums is a running club).

I haven’t run since I was about 9, in fact it’s an activity I actively avoided. Just try it once, she said anyone can run; with a big dose of encouragement from my husband I did! The Fitmums group has an ethos very similar to Second Nature; it has that sense of community and a focus on positive thinking, I felt so welcome. I ran one mile that week and I haven’t missed a week since.

Once I started exercising I really started to see the changes both physically and mentally. My Second Nature group and coach were so encouraging, so I decided to join the local Parkrun as well. By this point, I noticed my IBS symptoms had vanished, along with my anxiety.

Lifechanging experience

The end of my 12-week programme arrived too quickly and I wasn’t ready to let go of lovely coach Kirstie or my amazing group, so I signed up for another 12. I’ve not had a dramatic drop on the scales just 13.5lbs but I have lost inches on my waist and my shape has changed significantly plus I have so much more confidence and energy.

My husband and children are all eating better and are more active. I didn’t realise what a negative influence I was having on them! I’ll never go back, this is the right way to live, Second Nature has changed my life.

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