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Megan Widdows
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Megan Widdows

9th February 2021

We’re so excited to announce that we have partnered with Dr. Rupy Aujla from The Doctor’s Kitchen. Dr. Rupy is an NHS GP and Sunday Times bestselling author who believes that food can have powerful medicinal effects.

He has three successful recipe books and believes that eating well, without excessive restriction, is the key to health. Like us, his mission is to help people live happier, healthier lives!

As an experienced doctor, Rupy knows about the dangers and downfalls of fad diets, and actively advocates against them. We were thrilled to have him as a supporter of our campaign to #stopfaddiets this January.

Our campaign encouraged people to ditch the idea that the New Year means we must diet and restrict. As nutrition experts, we know that fad diets don’t work.

There are many reasons why fad diets aren’t the answer. One being, most people give up on their New Year diet just 12 days into January. Lasting improvements to our health require ongoing, sustainable changes, not fads that leave us hungry, miserable, and desperate to get back to our old ways. Crucially, each time we go on a diet, 83% of us go on to gain back more weight than we lost, triggering the cycle of yo-yo dieting and proving how damaging fad diets can be.

Dr. Rupy first joined our campaign to Stop Fad Diets in December, appearing on the radio up and down the country. Stations included BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Leeds, and BBC Radio Scotland. He highlighted our research that revealed how fed up the nation is with fad diets.

On the radio, Dr. Rupy delved into the facts and details about why fad diets aren’t a sustainable solution. Instead, he offered his suggestions and highlighted some of our 55 healthy alternatives. To find out more about our campaign, and see all of our 55 alternatives, you can head to and make your small commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

You may also have seen Second Nature on The Doctor’s Kitchen Instagram and newsletter lately as part of our ongoing partnership this week.

The latest news, that we’re incredibly excited about, is that we’ve released a brand new, exclusive selection of recipes developed by our recipe team alongside Dr Rupy on our app. We’re excited to combine Rupy’s passion for tasty, healthy food with the values of the Second Nature programme. By doing this, we can make the journey to healthier habits even more appealing!

The recipes follow Dr. Rupy’s 3-2-1 philosophy: three servings of vegetables, for two people, using only one dish.

The recipes include:

  • Almond chicken curry
  • One-pot fish with fennel and black olives
  • One-pot Moroccan lamb and chickpea stew
  • Vegetarian fried rice

The new recipes are now available to Second Nature members in the app.

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