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OurPath Win Mustard Seed Emerge Pitch Competition


On the 13th November, we took part in the Oxford Emerge Pitch Competition hosted in Oxford and were awarded an investment as a prize from Mustard Seed.

The event brought together entrepreneurs of all kinds aspiring to drive well-being-related change on the national and global stages. The competition was about judging the science behind each company’s solutions to social and environmental issues.

It was great to see that social and environmental improvement was at the forefront of everyone’s minds. At OurPath we’re committed to tackling the type 2 diabetes epidemic, but we were up against companies with very different backgrounds. These ranged from Bubble, a botanical laundry detergent that aims to empower Indian women and protect nature, to Silo, a company vying to solve inequality in education.

Chris Edson, our co-founder, explained at the event: “After seeing the strain that diabetes puts on our healthcare system first hand, we developed OurPath as a way to relieve the crippling problem that is posing a huge drain on resources for the NHS. We’re delighted to have won the Mustard Seed investment at Emerge this year following inspiring pitches from a number of strong candidates.”

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