OurPath vie for the best diabetes eHealth solution at EU eHealth Competition

OurPath vie for the best diabetes eHealth solution at EU eHealth Competition

We headed off to Barcelona on the 3rd of May to take part in the EU eHealth Competition and vie for the title of best diabetes eHealth solution.

An annual event, the eHealth Competition includes both small and medium companies trying to make the world a healthier place. The event is about providing electronic healthcare services, and is a great opportunity for companies like ours to gain greater visibility at an international level. Participants presented solutions to various health problems, ranging from chronic-disease-induced mental health issues to diabetes prevention and treatments. It was great to see the drive for healthcare improvement in everyone around us!

We were shortlisted as finalists in the  “diabetes track” section of the competition. This involved presenting the OurPath programme, which draws on the science of behavioural change to help people improve their lifestyle. Ours was the only digital behavioural change programme in the running.

Competing alongside other companies focusing on the importance of diabetes prevention and treatment was really inspiring. We didn’t win the competition, but the experience was invaluable in helping us us refine our identity and positioning in the field. And Barcelona was nice too!

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