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OurPath profiled as one of ‘10 exciting health startups that could change the health sector forever’



EU-Startups, one of the leading startup publications in Europe released a list of 10 health startups “that could change the health sector forever”. Companies all over the EU, from Sweden, Germany, and the United Kingdom, to name a few, were profiled. The startups were being touted for their potential to reshape the way healthcare has been approached. Startups such as Lifesum,, and OurPath have taken the lead in prevention and management services. All three leaders provide a combination of tracking technology, analytics, and elements of behaviour change techniques embedded in their apps.

Going ‘the last mile’ on OurPath

In addition to the above, OurPath goes ‘the last mile’ for people using the platform insofar that people using OurPath are assigned their very own Health Coach (registered dietitian or nutritionist), and are placed into a WhatsApp-style chat group with other people on OurPath who are similar to them. By providing people with a digital environment where they take steps to lifestyle and behavioural change, the belief is that the weight loss results that people achieve with OurPath is sustainable for the long term. Catch up with OurPath’s publication in the Future Healthcare Journal of the Royal College of Physicians.

Between the technology and live-person support – OurPath is the holistic middle-ground for people who benefit from being mindful of their activity and their diet, but also from being motivated by friends, family, loved ones, and a health professional.

Want to make losing weight feel easier?

Second Nature uses science to help you make healthy choices, ensuring they stick in the long run. Join the 150,000 people on a Second Nature journey today by taking our quiz. We use your quiz answers to tailor our advice and support on the programme, to ensure you lose weight and keep it off.

OurPath and the NHS

Already, since its initial launch, OurPath has not only grown into the consumer market in the United Kingdom and Ireland – but it has been selected to be a part of the NHS National Diabetes Prevention Programme (as one of five digital health providers) to provide services in select health economies across the whole of the UK. OurPath is currently live with the NHS across Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire (Healthier Together), Humber, Coast, and Vale STP, and Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes (BLMK STP). OurPath has also teamed up with Solent Diabetes Association in Portsmouth to provide services for patients at risk for and living with type 2 diabetes. Listen to Jazz’s story here



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