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Tamara Willner
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Tamara Willner

23rd November 2017

OurPath were featured in a CNBC segment about how apps are transforming the face of digital health.

Apps like OurPath allow users to get invested in tracking their own health, which can have a hugely motivational effect.

Combined with other tried and tested tools like goal-setting and both group and individualised support, it can help people change their lifestyle for good and avoid long-term health complications.

We’ve been working with the NHS to help patients prevent or better manage type 2 diabetes. As Chris mentions in the interview though, the best part is the feedback from our users. Patrick is one of our users living with type 2 diabetes for example, who shared his experience on OurPath.

The digital stream of the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme will evaluate the effectiveness of apps like OurPath in preventing type 2 diabetes in people at risk. Through it, hundreds more patients will get access to online support.

Watch the full segment or find our more about the OurPath programme. You can also hear more from our users and their experiences here.

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