OurPath featured in the NHS Apps Library


The NHS Apps Library

Recently, the NHS launched their very own apps library which includes a number of paid and free resources for people seeking health services straight on their mobile device. The process to be featured in the NHS Apps Library is a rigorous process where decision makers ensure that all apps featured in the library, “meet NHS technical, clinical and safety standards, and help connect people to the information and services they need easily and effectively”.

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Taking the lead in preventative health services and lifestyle change

We’re excited to be highlighted in this space and are humbled to be on the forefront of health innovation in partnership with the NHS. The NHS Apps Library is rapidly growing. From apps on mental health, healthy living, pregnancy, and more disease-specific areas such as diabetes, COPD, and cancer – the NHS Apps Library is a marketplace of digital tools to help people manage and improve their health.

OurPath’s feature in the NHS Apps Library comes right before the Health Service’s 70th birthday. We’re proud supporters of our NHS – where we’re currently part of the NHS National Diabetes Prevention Programme (in select areas) and partnered with Solent Diabetes Association to provide NHS patients at risk for and living with type 2 diabetes in Portsmouth.

Tackling age-old challenges with new approaches: NHS70

In the last 70 years, the NHS has provided world-class health services that are often heralded as best-practice care models for the rest of the world. The NHS Apps Library and the UK’s stance on adopting digital health services such as OurPath is yet another example of what makes the NHS a true showcase for what public health, medicine, and science can look like in the future.

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