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New health app launched by OurPath


We’ve got some exciting news! For the past few months, the OurPath team has been busy working on a new app, to enhance your experience of the programme. We’re happy to announce it’s finally here!

What is OurPath?

OurPath helps people make healthy lifestyle choices for the long-term. OurPath is a proud digital health services provider offering its platform to people within select areas of the NHS as part of the NHS National Diabetes Prevention Programme, and in conjunction with the Solent Diabetes Association. In addition, OurPath offers its services directly into the hands of users who want to make a healthy lifestyle change. With the help of a personal registered dietitian or nutritionist, people on the OurPath programme have lost an average of 7% bodyweight loss. What’s more, with loads of other fantastic features built into our new app – we’re out to provide the very best service possible to help people using OurPath to change their lives forever.  Be sure to check out the results of our clinical trial published in the Future Healthcare Journal of the Royal College of Physicians.

Screenshots of the new OurPath app, available now

Want to make losing weight feel easier?

Second Nature uses science to help you make healthy choices, ensuring they stick in the long run. Join the 150,000 people on a Second Nature journey today by taking our quiz. We use your quiz answers to tailor our advice and support on the programme, to ensure you lose weight and keep it off.

Will OurPath work for me?

Fad diets are a thing of the past. OurPath provides its community with the skills, support, and the knowledge to help people make a lifestyle change. No points, counting, weekly weigh-ins, or face-to-face meetings. More than just a ‘weight loss programme’, OurPath makes the science behind why we eat what we eat, what makes us tired, and what helps us lose weight and keep it off – easy to understand, for everybody. With 100s of delicious recipes, exclusive educational content, and a powerful combination of health tracking technology – OurPath puts the tools to make a healthy lifestyle change in the palm of users’ hands.

OurPath has loads of experience working with men and women. Whether they want to lose 5kg or 20kg, whether they have Type 2 Diabetes, or just need a little bit of motivation to go to the gym in the morning – OurPath is for everyone.

OurPath were the first digital health programme to be commissioned by the NHS in North West London in 2017 to provide behaviour change and healthy lifestyle services to patients. See the results of the trial here.

Why OurPath?

Led by Oxbridge scientists, Chris Edson and Mike Gibbs (recently named to Forbes 30 Under 30), the OurPath team has grown tremendously over the past year – all sharing the same vision of building a healthier and happier world. Moreover, between dietitians, developers, and designers, OurPath provides a world-class experience to people on the programme. OurPath’s Trustpilot reviews speak from themselves.


Rated 9.5 out of 10 on Trustpilot

Learn more about the programme here.

Available for iOS (iPhone). Update for Android OS coming soon.

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