Second Nature launches new AI health coaching tool: CoachGPT

Robbie Puddick
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Robbie Puddick

10th May 2023

We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking addition to our lifestyle change programme – CoachGPT! This cutting-edge AI health coach is here to support your journey towards a healthier, happier life.

What is CoachGPT?

CoachGPT is an AI health coach designed to provide you with personalised guidance, motivation, and support as you work towards achieving your lifestyle goals.

It’s built on the latest AI technology to ensure that you receive accurate and relevant advice based on your needs and preferences.

It’s very much in beta (early stages of development). We’d love your feedback to make it the best AI health coach in the world.

What can CoachGPT be used for?

With CoachGPT, you can:

  1. Get instant answers to your health and fitness questions
  2. Receive personalised guidance and motivation advice
  3. Generate meal plans & suggested recipes
  4. Set and achieve realistic goals to improve your overall well-being

Web availability & future app integration

We’re excited to let you know that CoachGPT is now available and entirely free through

In the future, we’ll be integrating this incredible AI health coach directly into our app for even easier access and convenience.

This will enable our members to access support and advice when our health coaches aren’t online.

The perfect companion, not a replacement

While CoachGPT is an amazing tool to help you on your journey, it’s essential to note that it isn’t a replacement for fully qualified nutritionists and dietitians.

Think of CoachGPT as a valuable companion that works to provide day-to-day advice, but if you need more support to help you lose weight, our programme could be an option for you.

If you’d like to join over 150,000 others who’ve made losing weight feel easier with Second Nature, click here to take our health quiz so we can develop a personalised programme for you.

Got questions? We’ve got answers

How does CoachGPT work?

CoachGPT uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to provide you with answers to your health & nutrition questions.

It can then provide ongoing coaching, feedback, and motivation to help you stay on track and achieve your desired outcomes.

Why is it called CoachGPT?

CoachGPT is built using an AI model type called ‘GPT’ (which stands for generative pre-trained transformer). It’s a type of large-language model and it’s pretty cool.

How do I sign up for CoachGPT?

It’s free to use at!

Is CoachGPT available as part of the Second Nature programme?

Not yet – it’s currently only available at We’ll be launching it soon as part of our app & Second Nature programme, however.

Can it be used to replace a human health coach?

While CoachGPT is awesome and can be highly effective in certain contexts, it will never fully replace human health coaches for several reasons:

  1. Empathy and emotional intelligence: Human health coaches are capable of understanding and empathizing with a client’s emotions, thoughts, and experiences on a deeper level. CoachGPT, although designed to simulate empathy, lacks true emotional intelligence and may struggle to connect with clients in the same way as a human.
  2. Personalization and adaptability: Human health coaches can adapt their approach in real time based on the nuances of individual client needs, preferences, and goals. While CoachGPT can personalize its recommendations to some extent, it won’t be able to match the flexibility and creativity of a human coach.
  3. Trust and rapport: Building trust and rapport with a client is critical for a successful coaching relationship. People tend to trust human health coaches more than AI health coaches because humans can share their own experiences, show vulnerability, and provide personal testimonials that create a more relatable and trusting environment.
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