Gill: “I’ve begun enjoying cooking again”

Gill grew up in the UK but moved to Australia for her dream job. After visiting friends in England back in 2019 – Gill started to realise that a change was needed, but it felt like an impossible task. Then, after seeing a friend from England posting about a Second Nature recipe, Gill decided to give the program a go. Since then, she feels lighter,  fitter, has discovered a love of cooking, and overall feels like a much more confident person! 

A bit about you

Originally from the UK, I moved to Australia for a dream job in the arts in Sydney. I’ve always been someone who has struggled with their weight; always been plump and then yoyo dieted to drop down a dress size. I love to exercise, always have done, so fitness is not the issue – it was food! I have a real sweet tooth and no cut off button – if a packet of biscuits gets opened they are then all gone that evening (well they were – I haven’t eaten biscuits since the beginning of January!)

I am 58 years old, so the last few years have seen me into post-menopause which affected my body shape as well – no bottom, thinner legs, thick waist. I’m only 5 ft so all these things really show – I started to feel like a little ball. I love yoga, but when I did a shoulder stand, my stomach flopped into my face – not a good look.

Towards the end of 2019, I went back home to the UK to visit family and I once more enjoyed all the tasty carb-laden meals so reminiscent of my past – cottage pie & roast dinners! Plus puddings like apple pie and cream. On my return to Sydney, I tried to manage what I was eating but it felt impossible, and I weighed in 63 kgs (remember I am small).

An inspired social media post

Then a friend back in England posted a meal onto her Facebook feed saying ‘this is yummy, and I feel really full on this eating plan’. It did look delicious! So I found out more about Second Nature online and decided to do the free 5-day programme, which I began on 6th January 2020. I wrote in the journal – ‘excited to start this – to manage what I put in my body better’.

Straight away I loved what the program offered. The articles are really well written and I learnt a lot. The structure of the journal and daily food diary also appealed to me – especially the food diary which makes me accountable to myself. I lost 1.5 kg in 5 days! I felt so proud of myself – again, I wrote ‘I know I can do this when I am in “the zone” – that means limiting sugar, bread, & alcohol – making my own food and lots of green things’.

The structure suited me – of writing a food plan for the week – buying the food you need – and the recipes are really delicious. It is a plan that is about what you can have, not what you can’t – that is hugely psychologically important. I knew that to change an unhealthy habit, i.e addiction to sugar, would take at least three months. I decided to continue onto the premium program and 10 weeks into that I now weigh 55.5kg, with just 1kg left to go.

Lighter, fitter, & full of energy!

Some of the biggest changes have been in my energy levels – I am literally lighter, bounding around, I’m up earlier, walking longer, swimming harder. I look different – when Skyping a friend she said ‘omg it’s like you’ve had a face-lift!’ because my double chin has nearly gone! And so I can wear more clothes – I am not choosing big floaty things that cover up the fat. So my confidence has grown too. I’m not missing anything – I thought I would crave sweet things but this hasn’t happened. Perhaps one of the biggest changes has been how much I’ve begun enjoying cooking again. I am now finding that to be a joy, like gardening is – a creative act which is one I feel I have control over.

If I have any advice, it would be to acknowledge how much of all this is about a mental attitude, being in ‘the zone’ – Second Nature offers so much support, in a way that I have really responded to. The articles and nutritional info are just great. Really, three delicious meals a day are on the menu!

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23 May, 2020

How much is the plan and have you any sample menus, also is alcohol allowed?

23 May, 2020

What is the price of the plan after the trial please?

Kaye Barry
10 April, 2020

Love cooking portion size is a problem.Love bubbles

Kaye Barry
10 April, 2020

Would love your plan enjoy cooking portion size is my problem ,,,,And love bubbles.