Emily: “I dont crave sugar or processed foods as much”

Emily signed up to the programme because her friends had success with it in the past. She wanted to try something new as she had found her mental health suffered with alternative programmes. Emily noticed changes in her mind and body within 3 weeks of being on the programme!

A bit about you

My name is Emily Milsom and I’ve been on the Second Nature Programme for 6 weeks.

I signed up as my best friend had done the programme 18 months ago, when it was called Our Path, and had found it really useful for changing a lot of health habits. I was intrigued and ready to try something different.

“Wow this is really working”

About 3 or 4 weeks in when I looked in the mirror and saw that my body definition had changed, under my ribs in particular. It really made me feel ‘wow this is working.’ Seeing the work I was doing result in change was amazing. I’ve also noticed that I feel satisfied more often than over-full, and that I don’t crave sugar or processed foods as much. In fact, I often decide against them. Being healthy to me means having a fit and healthy body, and eating nourishing food. It means having healthy habits that I could take anywhere with me when I travel.

“Compared to other programmes its like chalk and cheese”

In comparison to other programmes, I’d call it chalk and cheese. I did Slimming World in the past, and I lost weight but my mental heath did not do so well. Once I even cried in the car due to putting on a lb. Not a great way to live, and certainly unsustainable in the real world. Second Nature is more immersive and supportive, and gets under the skin about those deep mental issues involved with health. Really supporting you to move forward into the world we live in.

I’ve found the daily articles really helpful. I’m a learner, so having the knowledge about what’s going in my body i.e insulin and caffeine effects, has meant I now understand why I’m making the changes that I am. The other thing is mentoring, having the chat has been amazing. I have a lot of questions, so being able to leave questions for my mentor Grace and get personalised answers is super helpful.

The savoury slice recipe is one of my absolute faves, a great lunch or breakfast option. Haddock casserole is also one of my favourite dinners, so creamy and yummy and carb-less, so was great for my carb-free meal.

If Second Nature was a famous person

I would describe the programme as David Attenborough. He’s passionate, educated and driven, but he never makes you feel like you’re wrong and he’s right, or that you’re silly for not knowing things. He’s calming and empowering, which is how Second Nature makes me feel too.

Your future self will thank you.

Before you start, really think about the reason you’re doing this programme. Why are you wanting to change your health habits? Weight loss is an obvious goal, but it’s also very external. Think about why you’re doing this for you on the inside, better mental health? Feeling good? Tastier food? This is the long run will help you stay committed to yourself and your goals. Your future self will thank you.


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sandra fonseca
18 October, 2020

I need to lose weight . I need to improve my health asap

17 October, 2020


janet wigley
17 October, 2020

i have health issues

Mrs Emma C Moyle
17 October, 2020

A super well rounded informative review. Saturday morning and ready to start my journey too. Well done to you Emily. A change can only be made if you want it to. Keep making yourself happier.

wendy bull
15 October, 2020

Please send me details of my free 5day plan