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Our Wegovy-supported approach for sustainable weight loss that lasts

Wegovy in stock now. Lose up to 15-20%1 of your body weight, learn lifelong healthy habits to keep it off, and improve your mood, sleep, and energy.

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Wegovy in stock
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Includes our clinically-proven
weight-loss programme
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Ongoing support from
nutritionists and clinicians

Our powerful combined approach for lifelong results

Clinically-proven GLP-1 Wegovy medication helps jumpstart your weight loss; Second Nature's programme keeps it off for good.

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Wegovy, a ground-breaking medication

Our weight-loss medication is prescribed by a pharmacist.

It's proven to help you lose weight by mimicking the hormone responsible for curbing appetite. As such, it reduces hunger and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

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The importance of lifestyle change

Research shows once you stop taking weight-loss medication, weight regain is likely, as your body becomes dependent on the medication to manage your appetite.

That's where Second Nature comes in. We help you to establish lifelong healthy habits while taking the medication. This way, you can maintain your weight loss in the long run, even after stopping the medication.

Why choose Second Nature?
For peace of mind.

Second Nature has worked with the NHS for over 6 years to provide weight-loss programmes across the UK.

Whilst our Wegovy weight-loss programmes are private and not currently used by the NHS, we've built the programmes with a focus on scientific evidence, patient safety, and data security.

We've also partnered with Vitality Health to help their 1.7 million members achieve their health goals.

We hope that our 6+ years of working with the NHS and our track record of effective weight-loss results will give you peace of mind to give us a try.

Vitality Health Partner
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Weight-loss comparison

1 Wilding JPH, Batterham RL, Calanna S, et al. Once-Weekly Semaglutide in Adults with Overweight or Obesity. N Engl J Med. 2021 Feb 10. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa2032183. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33567185.

Weight-loss results

Up to 15-20%1 reduction in body weight by month 12

Our award-winning programme

Woman messaging nutritionist on phone

1-to-1 support from a nutritionist

Get support five days a week from your personal coach, who is a registered dietitian or nutritionist. A trusted source of expert advice when you need it most.

Second Nature recipe book

Hundreds of simple, indulgent recipes

Fall back in love with food again whilst reaching your health goals. Say no to boring 'diet' food and make easy, indulgent meals that the whole family love.

Tracking progress in our app

Weight, steps, and sleep tracking

Monitor your progress at a glance and keep track of your healthy changes in the long-term by having all the data in one place.

Medication-supported programme

Average weight loss after 12 months


Wegovy medication included


Ongoing 1-1 support from a nutritionist


From £229/mo

More than just a drug

With the power of psychology and habit formation, we'll teach you how to retrain your mind to make healthy habits second nature.

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How it works


Step 1

Take your quiz

The clinical team will check your eligibility and suggest a programme tailored to you


Step 2

Receive your medication

Delivered discreetly through your door, with our hardback recipe book and smart weighing scales


Step 3

Download the app

Retrain your mind from just 5-10 mins a day with our science-based articles and 1-to-1 coach support


Step 4

Enjoy lifelong changes

Alongside weight loss, our members report improved mood, sleep, energy, and confidence


Medication guarantee

You'll never need to worry about medication supply issues. We cap the number of members joining each week, giving you peace of mind that you'll get your medication each month.

Meet your team

Meet a few of our international team of nutritionists, dietitians, and clinicians who will help you throughout your whole journey. You are in safe hands.

Clinical pharmacist


Haroon Amanji

Clinical Pharmacist
GPhC Reg. No: 2070534

Head of health coaching

MSc, BSc, RD

Rosie Carr

Head of Health Coaching &
Registered Dietitian

Health coach

MSc, BSc, RD

Daisy Estephane

Health Coach & Registered Dietitian

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95% of people who try to lose weight, put it back on again within one year. Stop dieting. Start Second Nature.

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