Kick bad habits.
Get healthy ones.

Second Nature is a habit change programme that will help you lose weight in just 12 weeks – and keep it off.

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What is Second Nature?

It’s a new way to lose weight and get healthier – built on science, not fad diets.

Food freedom. Forever

Forget counting calories. Forget quick-fix fads. Learn to eat better for long-term weight loss and have fun with delicious recipes.

Expert advice. Every day

Get daily articles, based on the latest scientific evidence, to help you build and sustain healthy habits.

Track with tech. Take control

Feel on top of everything with the app by tracking your weight, habits, food & steps. You’ll see your progress and stay motivated.

The benefits

Change your mindset, not just your eating, so healthy choices become automatic.

9/10 of people lose weight

Second Nature really works. 95% of people lose weight and develop healthy habits – in just 12 weeks.

We’re backed by the NHS

We’re proud to be an NHS service provider as part of the national ‘Healthier You’ programme.

It’s cheaper than coffee

The whole programme costs less than your daily cup of coffee. And you’ll get life-long results.

Try Second Nature for 2 weeks

Try Second Nature now. If you don't love it, cancel any time in the first 2 weeks and get a full refund. No risk. All reward.

Second Nature's Top 10 weight loss tips

  1. Breaking the diet cycle

    Research has shown fad dieting leads to further weight gain in the long run.

  2. Plan your meals

    Write a meal plan at the beginning of each week and buy your ingredients ahead of time.

  3. Limit ultra-processed foods

    Reduce foods like packaged snacks (ice cream, biscuits, crisps), ready-meals, cooking sauces, and soft drinks with added sugar.

  4. Have 3 main meals per day

    Eat 3 main meals spaced evenly throughout your daily schedule.

  5. Eat more vegetables

    Fill at least half of your plate with vegetables at your main meals.

  6. Practice mindful eating

    Listen to your body’s hunger cues, eat away from distractions like the tv, and focus on your meal.

  7. Get lots of sleep

    Aim for 7-9 hours sleep every night.

  8. Manage your stress

    Try meditation, exercise, journaling, or regular yoga to reduce stress.

  9. Be active most days

    Find an exercise routine that you enjoy and do this regularly.

  10. Cut down on the alcohol

    Drink mindfully and avoid having more than 3 drinks in one sitting.

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